Café Turtle, New Delhi. August 2021.
Café Turtle, New Delhi. August 2021.

Currently, I am a Research Intern at the Fields Institute for Research in the Mathematical Sciences, in Toronto, Canada, with Dr. Alec Jacobson. Recently, I completed my undergraduate studies, from IIIT Delhi, majoring in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. I am broadly interested in working on problems related to high-dimensional structured and unstructured data, and Deep Learning.

In the past, I have also worked at Microsoft Research, India as a Research Intern and as a Research Fellow with the Databases and Information Systems group at the Max Planck Institute for Informatics. I have also interned at Goldman Sachs R&D, Philips Research and Microsoft India. I am also a member of Laboratory for Computational Social Systems (LCS2) group at IIIT Delhi. In the past, I have had the good fortune to work with Dr. Tanmoy Chakraborty, Dr. Paramita Mirza, Dr. Andrew Yates, Dr. Kaushik Kalyanaraman, and Dr. Nipun Kwatra.

If you have any open positions, please take a look at my research interests and CV. If you feel that my profile fits your vacancy, please do reach out!


  • July 2021 - Started as a Research Intern at FUSRP 2021! I will be working with Dr. Alec Jacobson on the project, "The Space of Signed Distance Fields"
  • June 2021 - Accepted as a participant at LOGML 2021!
  • Dec. 2020 - Selected as a Research Intern at Microsoft Research India! Will be working with Dr. Nipun Kwatra from Jan - Jul '21.
  • Sep. 2020 - Paper accepted at NLP4MusA workshop at ISMIR 2020 with Brihi Joshi and Shravika Mittal!
  • June. 2020 - Remotely interning with Goldman Sachs R&D team.
  • Feb. 2020 - Paper accepted at ACM TIST.
  • June. 2019 - Started Research Fellowship at Databases and Information Systems group at MPI-INF.
  • Aug. 2019 - Received the Dean's Award for Academics 2018-19.
  • Feb. 2019 - At WSDM 2019 in Melbourne, Australia to present CoReRank
  • Aug. 2018 - Received the Dean's Award for Innovation R&D 2017-18.
  • June. 2018 - SCoRe accepted at ASONAM 2018!
  • Nov. 2017 - Joined LCS2 group at IIIT Delhi.