At IIIT Delhi


CSE343/543: Machine Learning  ·  CSE556: Natural Language Processing  ·  CS5SRU: Speech Recognition and Understanding  ·  CS641: Deep Learning  ·  CS661: Affective Computing

Computer Science

CSE222: Analysis and Design of Algorithms  ·  CSE234: Computer Architecture and Operating Systems  ·  CSE102: Data Structures and Algorithms  ·  CSE131: System Management  ·  CSE101: Introduction to Programming


MTH544: Calculus in Rn  ·  MTH598: Numerical PDEs  ·  MTH374: Linear Optimization  ·  MTH372: Statistical Inference  ·  MTH398: Differential Geometry  ·  MTH371: Stochastic Processes and Applications  ·  MTH373: Scientific Computing  ·  MTH204: ODEs & PDEs  ·  MTH240: Real Analysis  ·  MTH210: Discrete Structures  ·  MTH201: Probability & Statistics  ·  MTH100: Linear Algebra


CS231n: Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Recognition  ·  CSE156: Learning from data  ·  CS224N: Natural Language Processing (2012)